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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How old must a child be to join Canskate?

We recommend that the child be at least 3 years of age to be involved in the program.  This ensures that they are able to follow instructions and work well with other children in the group.

2. What are my payment options when registering?

We accept e-transfers as well as cash or cheque.

3. Are there any sponsorships available if I'm unable to afford the fees?

Financial Assistance can be obtained through Canadian Tire's Jumpstart program.  Please ask us for more details or check out the information on their website at

4. Why is there a $50 administration charge added to my registration?

This administration fee covers the annual $35 Skate Canada fee required by all skaters as well as a small fee to be put toward other small administrative needs.

5. What does my child need to wear for skating lessons?

For those in Canskate, CSA helmets are required. We recommend that our young skaters wear snow pants to prevent them from getting wet on the ice.  Warm, form-fitting clothing is best for skaters to prevent clothing getting caught in their skates. 

Good quality skates with heel and ankle support are also very important.  Not all skates with pics are figure skates.

6. What is Carnival?

Carnival is our end of season celebration where skaters get a chance to showcase what they've learned this year.  It's important that all skaters be present for this as they present their routines as groups.  So watch for this year's Carnival date!

7. What affiliation do we have with Skate Canada?

Humphrey Skating Club skaters must be members of Skate Canada to skate with the club.  Therefore, $35 of the administration fee pays for the skater's annual Skate Canada membership fee.

Also, our coaches are all NCCP qualified Skate Canada coaches.

8. My child has moved up to the STARskate program.  How does training work now?

Skate Canada recommends that skaters in the early Star 1-5 levels have 75%-100% of their ice time be coach-directed. This level decreases to 25%-50% as skaters progress toward Star 5 and beyond. Private lessons are a great addition to Club Group/Class Lessons to help a skater steadily progress in development.

Private lessons are coordinated between the parent and the coach.  If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to one of our coaches.

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